MOMENTUM is that graceful state in which an “impulse” embraces everything: life, sport, work, relationships… and things seems better than they really are. It is that moment when everything you touch becomes gold. When all works out because everything is right.

Some people describe it as a “magical touch” that can be attained when you reach cruising speed in what you are doing. It is when everything fits in, all your efforts make sense and the path to follow is clear.

The word that best describes this stage in life is momentum. It is the “force” that bodies in movement achieve. It is the “energy” that moves someone or something, and the faster they move, the greater the acceleration, generating a “virtuous circle”. A virtuous circle essential for success.

And we are precisely looking for the moment in which a person notices, discovers that he or she has achieved this magical touch when everything makes sense, doubts fade away and light appears at the end of the path. We are looking for the “when”: when in the creative, research or construction process did this moment appear? We are searching for the “how”: how was it revealed? Was it a sentence, a moment in ordinary life, Archimedes’ bathtub, or an apple as in Newton’s case?

We want to hear about those ideas that could change the world through personal stories. We want to unwrap them from their creators’ personal experiences and hear about the moment when uncertainty becomes certainty, fear of failure becomes certainty of success, the instant that marks a turning point… We want to feel and experience the momentum: the Eurekas! that led to a new discovery, theory or improvement for people’s life…